Here is a selection of photographic approaches to collections, typologies and curation that Gary has selected.


Producing and curating a collection of similar things, often called a Typology is an approach employed by artists, designers and photographers for generations. It is interesting how an individual item can be elevated to a higher status when part of a collection.

Irving Penn collected rubbish, or ‘Street Material’ as he called it, when walking around NYC. He took these items into his studio and photographed them in great detail on a simple white background. This process of changing the context and scale of the objects transformed them into something else.   

Ring pulls
Dick Jewel Found Photos
Dick Jewel Found Photos
Irving Penn_Street Materials
Irving Penn_Street Materials
Irving Penn_Street Materials
Adrian Amariucai Galleries
Martin Schoeller Faces
Mollison James and Other Apes
26 Gasoline stations, Ed Rucha
Rushca sunset strip.
Rushca sunset strip.
Bernd and Hilla Becher water towers
Bernd and Hilla Becher gas tanks
Shoreline Textures by Gary Wallis 2012
Beach huts, Gary Wallis, 1993
Sky–contrails, Gary Wallis, 2009


There are many different ways translate your chosen objects, here are some examples