Household paraphernalia

This project called for us to sources 26 objects. I decided to search throughout my house for interesting items. I found a wealth of objects in my house and decided to pair elements together to shoot for my double page spreads.

Initially I sketched out a rough dummy booklet to guide me then I took the photographs using natural light which added to the nostalgic feel of the items I was using as most were vintage finds.

Please click below for my pdf.

On bringing the items together I decided to number them and reference them as figure 1, 2 ,3 etc. which again helped to embrace the retro feel enhanced by using Snell as my font.

I loved the idea of a table of contents, so I have added this to the last page for anyone curious to see exactly what these objects are. I feel that I could further the booklets design a lot further but for now this is what I have created.

3 thoughts on “Household paraphernalia”

  1. A really interesting collection of objects evoking feelings of history and nostalgia.
    The objects themselves have been photographed with real skill. The quality of light is beautiful, excellent use of colour with some very nice controlled and limited colour palettes, good use of camera controls and composition throughout.

    You have arranged them in terms of art directing the double page spreads but you could probably name these spreads into categories. Maybe try and do this?

    The layout and design of the images compliment each other very well.

    You were meant to load a process pdf as well this week for feedback.

  2. Hi, Flora
    Such lovely photos! You are really good at positioning items and using natural light to express the mood that you want to show.

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