Week 3, Curate (video)

I chose to edit a video to curate and exhibit my 26 objects.

I’ve been getting feedback and opinions that my project is very personal and provides a glimpse of my life to the viewers. So I thought an old videotape-style video would be a great choice. This style of video will give the viewers a feeling as if they were looking into a camcorder that has been recording my life.

Link to my final video : https://youtu.be/p_2wV3rxytg

It is not opened to the public, but you can watch it if you have the link!

Previously, my objects were mostly hand-written words. But I replaced 13 of them with images that are closely related to those texts and that will help the viewers to understand the content!

2 thoughts on “Week 3, Curate (video)”

  1. The old videotape-style is really effective that brings viewers back to the time. The time recorder on the right corner makes me feel the time is changing in a fast pace. Those 13 new items you’ve chosen worked really well along with the texts. These little notes feel very personal to yourself and build up a strong narrative about your life journey. It works the same way as people flashing back their memories in their mind. I’m very touched when looking at your video especially the last sentence that your parents write to you. I think it is a very strong and effective outcome. I don’t know what you can develop further. Maybe you can also add your voice as background to talk about your journey or music which suits your theme.

  2. A nice style of video that really connects with your objects as if it is a flashback in time. The new items that you have used compliment your original 13 so well, the mix of images and text added a lot more emotion which leads to a stronger narrative overall. The order that you have shown your objects really helps with this too.

    It could be interesting to use the timestamp as a way of conveying what period of your life you are in; using a date and time that shows how old you were in regards to each object. Maybe some music or a voice-over too could work well in narrating your life story or different voices reading each letter. Look forward to seeing more!

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