Collect – Luke Davies

Festival Ephemera.

A showcase of my process and the final outcome for this Weekly make; sorting my ephemera by location in alphabetical order.

3 thoughts on “Collect – Luke Davies”

  1. The collection identity is very strong. The publication looks nice and clean. Your chosen festival ephemera has really nice and strong design. Maybe you can provide some information or interpretation. This wide variety of collection can be further developed into a guide book for audiences to appreciate.

    You have a very clear process to show how you get to the final step. From your working process, I noticed you break down the collection into three categories. For me, using Location makes the collection objective and clear for layout. I also quite like the experience based organisation which could make the collection to be more personal.

  2. Hello Luke 🙂
    First of all, the fact that you’re including pages from the search log is very good. We can see that you are following a clear process. We can see there’s a starting and an end point to your work ! I like the fact that you choose objects that you’ve already carried with you at different times in your life and you could relate this to your “experience” category. I’d like to know more about how you came up with this ranking!
    I think it would also be interesting to link the posters you keep with the bracelets and also the tickets to get a more complete range of objects but all of them are music related (as you did for the Leeds festival).

  3. It appears that you are a regular festival reveller! A comprehensive collection of festival ephemera, from Glastonbury, to Secret Garden Party via the Red Bull world series!

    Your process documentation provided additional context, which I felt was not fully translated into your final outcome. I found the information that lists the locations of the festivals, your preference of experience and price — be insightful and wondered why you’d chosen to include that information? In addition, the chronology of these festivals may have provided further insight and flavour. Your process reveals more about you that the publication! Was this intended?

    The scanned aesthetic of the images (lanyards and tickets) also have an interesting quality, more immediate and less processed than the publication.

    Luke! A great start to the project given the time frame, and it is an intriguing collection, that makes me want to know more! But I fear that your publication is hiding information!

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