5 thoughts on “week one”

  1. Hi Simiao 🙂

    I like how you have dated some of your objects using ‘2013-2020’ etc, it would be interesting to see if you could order the objects using the year or month you got them, if you can remember! This way, you could create a timeline of objects. This would mean you’re using the ‘T’ in ‘LATCH’.

  2. Hi Simiao,

    Very cool to see how different families in various parts of the world tackle this outbreak. The photo of the eggs and toothbrushes made me think it could be interesting to form a collection around the items used during this quarantine, like a diary of covid-19.

  3. Hey Milly 🙂

    Lovely to see the various different collections you have considered.
    Although not sure which subject/method of LATCH you want to focus on? The use of grid could help to present this.

  4. Simiao! A really great selection of objects, exciting layout and well presented! Great! I am rather fascinated by your collection of eggs, such an interesting variety, and the fossilised dinosaur egg is fascinating. The collection reveals your way of seeing and thinking about your immediate environment, each of your collections could be further explored, or inteorgated — from the selection of membership cards, to the variety of pens. All could yield some exciting further exploration.

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