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  1. A good collection of objects which are really topical with the current situation, the way they’re organised is almost like a set of instructions on how to survive; could develop it further into a survival kit list which might make for a new outlook on the publication. I like how you’ve created sections to break up the publication, makes it easier to follow and understand. The classification you used makes the most sense for the context you were trying to achieve.
    The mix of photographs and illustrations make it feel more personal as you’ve spent time drawing the objects, having time to appreciate the forms and the purpose of the object – the cleaning cupboard illustrations are my favourites.

  2. Hello Tina 🙂
    I can see that you took a lot of time to draw everything which I find impressive and I want to see more! Reading is pleasant and well-structured. It reminds me of the survival guide that Michelle designed for her degree show. The method is clear and effective and at the same time makes me feel a little stressed about the pandemic. I think the category where you can go deeper is your mental health: every object has to have a story behind it if it soothes you during this time of crisis.

  3. I really like your illustrations! Wonderful! In the time that you had it is great! One thought that came to mind was the consistency of style; the Carex handwash / Dettox, Wipes, Pear / Apple — all have a similar aesthetic (which is strong!) if you had the time it would be great if all of the objects/items were in the same style.
    The concept is strong too, very current and insightful. I would be interested to know if these items are helping you? Or which of them are more effective? A sort of hierarchy of importance, or effectiveness.

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