26 special objects.

These are 26 items I collected from my flat in Paris. They all mean a special thing to my eyes ans they all have a story behind them. For exemple, the paint tube and the hard glue remind me of my intense Foundation year, the metal champagne cork cap was on the bottle my mom opened when I was accepted at CSM… I decided to explore some design for each”LATCH”category.

5 thoughts on “26 special objects.”

  1. Some really strong ideas in here which you can definitely take further; the floor plan, in particular, would be cool turned into a game like Cluedo. The Hierarchy system is also interesting as parts almost look like the golden ratio without any intention.
    Personally, I think these were the strongest and clearest methods along with the way that you developed the alphabet system. Each one makes me see the objects in different ways so it’ll definitely be something to consider as you move forward depending on the message you want to communicate. When you mentioned the school photobook; this could make a fun publication if you developed that style further.

  2. I quite enjoy reading your thinking process.It’s very clear and critical.You explored lots of deeper meanings behind each word represented by LATCH. You have many strong and interesting ideas. As I can see, the 26 items are very meaningful and personal to yourself.Each one seems to have a little story to tell.

    I personally prefer the idea of Hierarchy.It’s interesting to use size to represent the importance to you. Maybe you can also add some texts beside to show your story.

  3. Great! How you have approached this task is great — insightful, thoughtful and engaged. I was particularly interested in the ‘location’ example — and how mapped the objects within your flat. How could you further develop this idea? Could it be aligned or converged with your ‘time’ example? I am interested in the frequency of use, and how that would uncover how you use/inhabit your flat. How you brought into play the idea of the ‘user’ is exciting too! Is there a correlation between location/time and user! It is almost like you have conducted a scientific enquiry into your flat!
    It brings to mind the wonderful Life A User’s Manual by Georges Perec, do you know it? Its ace!

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