collect – all the time

using ‘T’ in latch (time) to 

organise, collect and categorise 

objects that display valuable meaning, found around my parent’s household. 

many of these items are presents

gifted by family relatives.

see my pdf linked below…

5 thoughts on “collect – all the time”

  1. The art direction of the publication is striking, by using the lighting and colour you locate all of the objects/items through your viewpoint. It’s fascinating how it brings you (the author) into the collection, it makes the collection very personal. Your choice of your hand rendered type adds to that feel too, could it be your handwriting? Or those who have given you the items (yet I realise that this wasn’t or isn’t possible in the timeframe!)

    I was also thinking about the friends and family who gave you the object/item, could those narratives / people come more into focus?

    A great publication that leaves the viewer wanting more! Well done!

  2. Loving the style of your work, I like how you layout the publication and the color making the publication more attractive.

    I was thinking maybe you can have more information about each items, such as there location, how frequently they are being used.

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