4 thoughts on “to alL the dogs i hAve ever meT: 26 piCtures of dogs on my pHone”

  1. This is so good, it’s really fun and shows so much personality. I really like the touch of humour in the title and in the final pages. I like the fact you’re using images you’ve already been collecting rather than a new collection.
    Maybe you could look at other ways of documenting the dogs maybe playing with the photography etc… and if they all different you could group them visually or other ways. 🙂

  2. Hello Adam,

    Really engaging publication. I really like how you made the front and back cover for it, looks great. By looking through your publication I thought you creatively managed to tell a story through the use of your text and captions, as well as through the use of different LATCH information organisation methods. Also, I thought the layout was very well thought.

    Regarding the alphabetical order for the breeds, I think it could be a fun idea to invent your own breed names for the unrecognisable section, in order to label them too. What do you think? 🙂

  3. A really entertaining response to week 1 of the unit. A great idea to use existing images from a personal obsession/interest. The publication works well and also great that you used every approach from LATCH to categorise them. It would be interesting to see if any of these could be developed further?

    The design works well, it is clean and simple and for the most part communicates the intention of each category effectively. On the Alphabet spread some of the dogs names are interfering with the pictures so the use and layout of the text could be better here. It could worth adding hierarchy to images for that spread for example use the scale of the images to represent their importance? Or are they all equally important

    You were meant to load a process pdf as well this week for feedback.

  4. Love the casuality and flare of personality within the design of the publication. Additionally, the topic itself is really fun, we all love dogs. Safe to say that the classification and order is very clear. It’s interesting how you’ve applied the different latch methods and placed all of them within the publication itself. I wonder if you could next time for improvement focus upon one of them and have the photos enlarged because they are so nice on their own! Would love to see them close up! So best suggest to refine it 🙂 keep up the good work!

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