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  1. I love the concept and how you’ve organised it in a emotional and connective way, personal to your experience and opinion. It is very unique and a great way to organise possessions- it almost has a hierarchy to it, being that emotional and spiritual objects at the top and physical items at the bottom. I think some of the objects are slightly unclear to what they are, so maybe labelling at the start would make it slightly clearer to why you categorised them the way you did. You could experiment with the layout of the publication so that everything fits great and nothing overlays and takes away from the classification. Love the method of organisation! I think it’s a great way to organise a collection that is random in a sense that not one object is the same.

  2. Hi Jessica!
    I appreciate that your collection of objects make sense with our current situation and highlight the distress we can find ourselves in.
    It seems like quite a personal and intimate which is a nice way to balance with the coldness and seriousness of the idea of categorizing, and especially with LATCH. This is a brief about rationality and order and you made it more emotional and human, which is a nice and truthful approach.
    I really enjoy the simplicity of your first page with your objects presented through an aerated grid. We get to see them all together yet on their own.
    Are they organized through the LATCH method or just randomly? (they might be in alphabetical order without me noticing).
    Your three categories make a lot of sense and the way you drew feels adequate to their meaning and their resonance. They’re just a bit too pixelated. Maybe I would have chosen another font for the titles, or maybe you could write them yourself for more of this authentic/diary aspect?
    Though you may not want to share everything with us, which is understandable, it would help to know more about the objects. Some are hard to comprehend and could go with a small caption, or simply a name.

    Since these are all things that matter to you in these times, did you try to create a hierarchy out of them? From the one you need the most to the one you could get rid of? Or maybe from the one you use the most often to the one that is only used on certains days or occasions.
    You could also think of it as a timeline, with the times of the day or the weeks where you resort to these items. Everyday? Twice a week? In the morning? For lunch?

  3. I love the way you categorised these items, I think they definitely improve as a collection because they give us an insight in how you’re currently living and how you’re coping in the current situation, needing different items for different support methods. The idea is very clear and easy to understand – the illustration adds to the mood of the pandemic, very gloomy, depressing and unmotivated.

    Suggestion- the method of classification conveys the message very well but the last page doesn’t seem to belong in any category – my best guess is that it’s a part of the emotional category. It would be visually more affective if the text was also an illustration rather than a font just so the work has a solid cohesion.

  4. The idea of choosing things that help you especially when isolated was good. You have started to categorise the objects but this has not yet been produced into a 16page publication. The categories chosen are personal and interesting especially as I think some of the objects could fit into more than one category? Did you try any other ways of organising your objects? Using Hierarchy could be interesting. You could consider labelling the objects as it is not clear what all them are.

    The text and illustration are dominating the pages you have produced a little too much. You could consider having the objects larger to cut down the amount of white space and prioritise the objects as the key elements of the publication.

    You have not loaded a process document as requested for feedback

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