I decided to look the collection of packaging in my house thats being collated since lock down has started and the shops have shut. As my starting point I decided to photograph the packages and I edited some in photoshop. Then organised them in colour and size. Looking at the ‘C’ in LATCH I thought I’d experiment with the presentation of the boxes the colour, brand/company, size and material.

Here are a few I’ve sorted: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1B0T9fAALpEVDk5prqb9Dh78L6s3T_bMQCjntpCz4kkg/edit?usp=sharing

2 thoughts on “QUARANTINE/UBER/DPD”

  1. The idea for your collection is interesting. Presenting them photographed and cut out on white could work well. The ideas for the categories are OK. Maybe, in light of the current situation you could consider organising them in terms of importance. We are meant to be only ordering ‘essential’ items for delivery? On your google doc that you gave the link for there are only 6 pages. Have you completed your 16 page publication? You also have not loaded your process work for feedback. You need to load more of your work so that you can receive feedback.

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