By Milly

I choose to translate eggs, flowers and cats in my hood.

The shape of egg is a circle. It can be made into all kinds of delicious food and eaten. It can also be made into art works, such as Easter eggs. Flowers can not only decorate the home but also become a prop for shooting. My cat is a member of my family, and the most interesting thing about it is to watch it grow, to watch it change everyday, and to watch it in all its endearing ways.

The pigeon eggs
The eggs
The quail eggs
Fried eggs
Boiled eggs
Egg cake
Easter eggs
I paint the eggs
I draw the flowers
I photographed my friend with flowers

3 thoughts on “Week2”

  1. Hi Milly,

    wow, how many ways can the eggs be translated into! It almost feels like you should make an entire publication dedicated to different egg shapes and cooking methods.
    I feel like the eggs took so much space that the flowers and the cat seem a bit out of place in the publication. Maybe tying them together somehow by providing similar page spreads or unified way of categorizing would help the publication?

  2. I also love eggs! I very much enjoyed seeing the variety of approaches that you explored and translated the egg — the layout and design of the fried egg is great — how could you apply that same approach to the display of the other eggs? Consider how you photograph the egg — does it need to be on a neutral background (for example white? Or black?) Or do you want it in context (the kitchen? The plate? Being eaten?).

    It would be good to have read your reflection on the task — what did you gain from doing the task? Did you like it? Why? Did you hate it? Why? How could you have developed it further? What references were you looking at? Do you even like eggs?!

    Does it require more context about the eggs? Or the flowers? Or the cat? Your brief introduction adds colour to the collection — the viewer begins to get an understanding of your relationship to the objects. Consider how/if you can integrate this further.

    I am very much looking forward to seeing how you respond to the new task — curate! An exhibition of eggs?!

  3. Hi Milly,
    Your object of choice is so interesting, I never usually pay attention to eggs, but now, I have! I love the contrast of the eggs being eggs, into how they can be used for cooking.
    I agree with Alena, perhaps giving the flowers and your cat as much attention as the eggs would really tie your publication together!

    Well done 🙂

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