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  1. Hi Alena

    Your publication looks very nice, the way you work with three essential items in different media and environment are quite interesting, also your feeling and relationships with each items are closely, i feel that will be good if you could film them work out with you in different actions or activities .

  2. Firstly, I noted that you posted this early last week, that is great! Sorry that you are the last to receive feedback! Again your submission is systematic, confident and highly resolved. You have a strong editorial design aesthetic, the publication has variety, pace and consistency.

    The layout, photographic approach and typography is solid, I very much like your illustration style, especially the outline of the le bidon and the oil — it feels imperfect which contrasts the clean and ‘perfect’ approach of the layouts. Is it hand rendered?

    The challenge is where to take this next, how to push beyond this approach and aesthetic? This week’s Curate task is the perfect opportunity to do this! How could you exhibit these artifacts? I am still intrigued by how you are using or ‘activating’ these items for exercise — could these be an angle to explore? Perhaps not!

    For Curate consider how to shift or change it up a little, embrace imperfection! Surrender control and see what it yields! As next week we’ll begin to reflect on what you have done to date and what you can do to refine/converge these ideas and approaches. So this week should be about letting go!

  3. Hi Alena, apologies for my late comment, lost track of the time!

    I think your experimentation with shadow is wonderful, taking objects that are immediately around you, further into your current environment. The pages showing each step of the animation are lovely, particularly their colours – all the colours are very complimentary of one another, and I can’t help but think colour came into play whilst choosing your 3 objects 🙂

    Well done!

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