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Airpods: how music looks like while playing it

Illustrations about the scissors, in our cousin’s home we only have small ones as we had to move in with them a rush for safety reasons. We all thought it wouldn’t be a necessity but now we realise how important something as simple as scissors are.

Allergy tablets
allergy pills: at our local supermarket there are no pills left so we only have one packet to share between the three of us. We can’t stay outside too much.

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  1. Chase!

    It seems that you too are getting into cutting hair too — I took to the clippers the other day!

    I could not open the animation unfortunately, but am intrigued by your images — the final image especially struck me — the profile of a person with entwining vegetation. I would love to know more! What is your thinking behind these images?
    It would be great if you could include some reflection on the task — what did you get from it? How does it relate to the task of translation? What are you translating? Hair? Airpods? How does the allergy medication relate?

    Your post invites many questions, moving forward it would be great if you could begin to contextualise your posts to assist in the viewing/reading and understanding of your intentions. You are evidently doing and thinking so begin to document and record your thoughts.

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