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  1. The translations are so gentle and subtle, it works really well at telling a story and reflects the mood of the images. I think this is really effective especially for the subjects, I also like how the translations re all different for different objects and the colours and intensity directly relate to the object.

    The format is lovely, I like the scrapbook feel with the texture as well as the minimalism. The order of images creates a really nice flow.

    It could be really nice to continue playing with the textures you have by printing photographs of the images onto different texture or layering them.

  2. Hello Polina,

    I really like the illustrations you used for the publication. They feel very delicate and elegant, as the overall publication itself. Also, the textures used for the pages are nice and make it feel like a vintage book.

    The images and objects used are very interesting. I really like how the drawings you made allow the audience to perceive the photographs to an even deeper level. The translations you used are subtle and very interesting, which gives a very unique touch to the work.

    It could be interesting to add with some text or a symbol, that then leads to a key, what the translations used were specifically. What do you think? 🙂

  3. Really lovely and elegant illustrations and editing.
    The background texture works well with the old photographs and objects as well as the overall theme.
    I can tell they have very special meanings to you.
    One suggestion I would give is to give the audience a clearer sense of your methods of translations by adding captions or organising them by themes.
    It would also be cool if you translated the Russian text as I’m sure people would love to be able to understand them!

  4. Hi Polina! The aesthetics are beautiful to look at, the scrapbook feel, very vintage. Goes well showing the sense of nostalgia and romance in the theme of “Love during War”. It really conveys something personal, seems like I’m looking into something sentimental and close to home. Though I couldn’t really understand due to cultural differences and my lack of knowledge on Russia.

    Maybe another method of translation could be translating the text? Would love to know what’s being said! Try to add a little more details in the method of translation? It depends on how vague you want to keep it 🙂 Have an amazing week!

  5. There is a great consistency to your work this week with last week, you have kept a similar aesthetic and feel which is good. The illustrations are very nice and the subtle differences between them are good.

    You do not have the minimum of 12 translations of the 3 different chosen objects ? You could have shown different framings eg close up of the photographs, shot details of the medals, illustrated the medals, added details and information: who are the people in the photographs, when where the medals awarded? What are the dimensions?

    As the task is about Translation it would have been a good idea to translate the texts into English and maybe other languages.

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