One thought on “Week 2 Catalogue”

  1. Pilar!

    A very resolved outcome for Week 02

    I would love to know what you thought of the task? Did you like it? Why? Hate it? Why? To write a reflective statement would enable the reader/viewer an insight into you. The presentation of the information is very neutral, paired back and minimal, why did you choose this approach? It creates an almost sterile representation of the modes translation, which levels all of the modes of translation.

    I liked how you explored it through multiple mediums (from wax, to stencil, to memory) and how you brought into focus the user and the sound. Which did you most enjoy? Or which did you think most effective?

    I am still very fond of your idea on objects you touch everyday, I was thinking about it the other day when I read somewhere that on average we touch our faces 20times in 10mins (or something like that) and what the most frequent objects I touch — which seems at the moment to be this keyboard!

    How can you begin to develop your collection, and bring into it you, you the person, author and curator of the collection. Does it require you to be present? Or more of this neutral presentation you have explored? Moving forward I want to see/read your writing and thoughts on the matter!

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