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  1. I like this. You can feel the continuity with your work from week 1, but also improvement. You’ve taken into account peer and tutor feedback and it shows. The use of white space is nice, and you wrote your titles by hand!
    I enjoy that we’re able to know more about some of the items you chose, that were quite mysterious. We were missing data, and now we have a lot of it.
    This work once again feels super personal, in a good way.
    You chose humour as an approach, which not a lot of people did, and it gives us information on how you approach life and design. In a fun way.
    Your translations are really original and true to yourself – or I’d imagine since I don’t know you at all.
    I don’t really know how you thought of the mugshot/way to die, but it gives a playful and absurd touch to it all.
    So does the social contact translation, or the memory one. Writing through the angle of the object itself was smart.

    I think you could have gone further with it by making your publication into some kind of police case? As if you were investigating the item, or its death? That would have created a nice frame for translations like « trace » or « description », and gave your publication a purpose. The inside of the banana would become some kind of autopsy, and the trace a DNA to analyze. Social contact = witness? You developed a nice narrative and vocabulary that could have matched the design more.
    Maybe this is something to work on for the next task, whatever it will be?

    But I really had fun looking at it! Waiting for it to become an actual zine? You didn’t tell us if you had printing plans, or if this was meant to stay digital.

    PS: Be careful about the white balance of some of your pictures!

  2. I like the fun and playful approach to your work. You’ve chosen three very different object which would have made it quite hard to create continuity in your piece: however you have done so! You’ve managed to produce a running theme to all object which enables them to link together. I love some of the translations you decided to go with, for example the “social contact” idea was a really playful and unique way to describe the object and bring in new objects that relate to the one you picked.
    All the illustrations are nicely sketched and go with handwritten font.
    I think maybe play with the layout a bit, is this a concertina? if so great choice, I just think you should be more clear when one object starts and finishes- maybe giving them a bolder title?
    Other than that great development from last week!

  3. I like the ideas throughout this! They’re very individual, like the social contact translation, internal translation or the ways to die translation. I also really like how you’ve shown the measurements of the teddy, kind of looks like a mugshot photo which is an interesting take on it! I think moving forward it could be helpful to maybe keep text to a similar size throughout to make it more coherent? Although I can appreciate its hand written so it won’t all be the same, some of the text is drastically bigger than other text making it look random. Moving forward it could be good to show consideration for how you aimed to show things if you could for example would it be a zine, concertina, blog page etc. especially as we have no process work to show your thought process. Overall, I think the layout could be improved but the ideas are really creative and exciting.

  4. I love the theme of your project – I think it’s really cool that you took a more comical approach to the project and it definitely made me laugh when I saw it. Every item is presented in a consistent manner using the same tools and techniques, which makes the publication look very cohesive. I appreciate that you used personification to translate your inanimate objects: assigning them memories, giving them personal descriptions… this made me feel sympathy towards them, especially the doll hanging itself! The only suggestion I would have is that it is not completely clear what your idea is – you call the objects experiments and present their trace does that mean you… kill them….?

  5. Your concepts are really interesting and entertaining. You have applied the mostly the same translations pretty consistently across the three chosen objects. You could have had exactly the same for each eg Instructions, trace etc

    The three object sections could be more clearly separated and defined. Maybe each object should be named?

    The design and use of images across the document could be a more consistent: some are cut out, some of the images have background etc. The use of type could be more sophisticated.

    You have not uploaded process work again this week.

  6. I think the theme of your project is quite interesting along with the selection of objects you have chosen to portray (they don’t connect but the theme makes them) The handwriting does add to the experiment theme it reminds me of those research notes but simultaneously, you could combine it with typed letters to emphasise this like type out “experiment object” and then write “alarm clock”. Your “translations” are also quite niche and interesting especially the “memory” and “ways to die” ones. It is as if this experiment is about the object’s existence; how it’s created and how it’s destroyed. It would be nice if the 3 objects were more efficiently separated. Its a really cool concept, and I want to know how you came up them as well!! If there is anything you need help with don’t hesitate to hit up the what’s app group chat okay? We’re here to help you, along with eachother to get through this chaotic as f**k summer term. (sorry for swearing hehe)

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