I decided to look at cleaning products, gloves, orange juice carton for my 3 ideas. I translated them through illustration, photography, scanning and print making.

This the link to my process slides – https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15BXBISqkLQUbGbV3lDC7PJ08c9sKXlaPyNr-xszin2o/edit?usp=sharing

4 thoughts on “WEEK 2”

  1. Hi, Shaydell
    When I see your post, I didn’t know at first what the image on the first page is, but I thought it was very interesting.
    I realised later that it is a collage of the words and logos from your objects.
    I love it and you might be able to make an interesting advertisement with them.

  2. Some really interesting experiments in the process work: the collage is good but again like last week this feels like a starting point and you have not completed everything that you have been asked to do this week?

    You were meant to do a minimum of 12 translations of 3 chosen objects and present them in a publication, you were also meant to give feedback on other people’s work in your group.

  3. Love the collage you’ve created, but looking at your process slides the elements are looking pretty cool individually as well. Since you’ve only created the one page of an outcome maybe it could be interesting to have a breakdown of these objects on further pages, which could also include written descriptions like the measurements, when you bought them, an original photo of the object without editing. It’d be a simple way to add in more translations to your outcome!

  4. It’s a very creative approach to the task, colourful and eye catching image, but I feel like you are missing something, like you don’t have enough.
    Maybe you could make a similar collage for each object ?

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