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  1. I like this! We can definitely see you had more fun than the previous week, and your research shows a lot of experimentation which is nice. You actually made choices with what you wanted to present, and didn’t just display your first results.
    I enjoy the common color scheme, but I feel you could have gone further with it, maybe by putting your translations more in parallel between the objects? (this sentence makes no sense I hope you got it). Like showing one translation for the three objects at once.

    Some of your translations are really interesting visually, especially the scanning then photoshopping. I liked the drawings, I wish there was one for the glue stick and the tape as well!

    I feel like you could have gone further with the overall layout, maybe with a stronger font or composition? For now, it is rather simple and thus nice and readable but maybe something more structured would have given a stronger sense of a publication? I don’t really know if your final outcome is a pdf, or if you wish to print it, and if it’s the case, how? I think it’d make a really cool zine, especially if focused on the less classic experimentations you have, with the hands or the blurry images.
    Your research seems to involve thinking about a printed layout, and mentions the idea of a scrapbook. That could be really nice, even though you didn’t stick with the art supply only. Maybe a mock-up would help understand what your vision was?

    As you said, you have good drawing/painting qualities! You should definitely use them more!
    If this is something that interests you more than publication layout/photography, you could work on drawing variations? Different styles? One sketch done in 2min, one fully detailed 2h painting? There is a lot to be done within this field and you can still be out of your comfort zone while doing something you enjoy! Exploit your strengths!

  2. I love the objects you’ve chosen and the explanation on why you chose them, giving them a connection straight away.
    The photography aspect works really well as they’re all very solid and colour coordinated objects. The zoomed in photos are clear, making it a very professional translation to look at. The illustrations and the photoshop pieces work really well, maybe work on layering and fitting your work together, rather than just placing them on a page. I think one thing you could maybe try and develop is the fluidity of your publication. A bolder font perhaps or the positioning of the texts to get rid of the white space? Just something to keep in mind when moving onto next week.
    Overall i think the translating you’ve produced are really great and professional pieces of work- with some amazing graphics, illustration and photography all coming together.

  3. You chose 3 items with the same colour scheme and I agree with this choice that you made, it’s very satisfying and gives the objects more of a connection to one another. I think all of the translations of the objects are super cool! Really unique and interesting especially the scans and photoshop outcomes, they look very artistic and abstract, scanning and editing the photos of the objects definitely turn them into something beyond the object itself. You did a lot of cool edits and discovered beautiful colours, textures and patterns from the experimentation but I feel like you didn’t use them to their fullest potential, you just left them as is. You could have maybe combined the edits to the originals or something to give the items and edits a greater sense of importance. As it stands now it is a list of translations, the translations are all very interesting and creative but they don’t contribute to each other. I think having a cohesive theme and style would have made the catalogue more effective and powerful. As an idea, you could maybe structure your publication as if you’re selling these items on eBay (as per images of the same item in different angles), or a “back to school” catalogue listing the items’ details as if they are for sale and having a big 50% off SALE sign in the corner, you could fill it with the green and pink colours that you see on the scanned tapes. I think the catalogue would have been more effective and powerful if you combined your outcomes rather than presenting them separately.

  4. Macey,
    Your hand looks very good in the photos. (Sorry this is unrelated)
    It’s engaging to read about why you have chosen the objects. Although very simple objects, you really interrogated them well. The scanned images are very strong.
    The presence of the tape gives this selection a retro look. Maybe you could pursue a 90s vibe stylistically in your publication.

  5. Your process work is good and seems to show that you enjoyed it far more this week. All the experiments with the scanner and photoshop are great.

    The simple layout and design does convey the information clearly but maybe the design could have been more developed to make it more exciting or dynamic. It would have been good to have the same translations for each chosen object. The illustration for the paint tube is very good, it would have been good to have this for the other chosen objects. What memories could be connected to a glue stick???

    I like the simple photographs of the objects with you holding them, these could have been better with a simpler background.

  6. Hi Macey,
    Your process log is is really nice as it shows how you’ve reflected from last week’s project and documents how you’ve narrowed your objects down to art supplies, all which coincidentally have really similar colour palletes. The close ups are well thought and overall very visually satisfying to look at.
    There is evidence of multiple “translations” but it would be interesting if they were more consistent throughout your triumvirate of objects. A memory affliated with red acrylic or the glue stick would’ve been interesting like gary said, I think its these personal facts that truly make an object more significant. I also can see something going on- between the more “analogue” objects you’ve chosen and the digital processes such as scanning or photoshopping them-there’s this really interesting juxtaposition or the theme of how we’re slowly becoming more and more “digitized” especially in this time with things like ONLINE CLASSES, or online deliveries, online appointments…. Overall, the visuals are very easy to understand but visually, there could be some room for experimentation; ie: you could try changing paper size or the layout! It is a niche but very specific selection of objects that kind of combine to create a consistent theme. You got thissssss!!!

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