Week 02/ Catalogue/ I&S/ Maria Lukoianova

From the 26 objects I have chosen before I was mostly interested in small things for some reason, so I did not have a hard time deciding. However, I think I should’ve taken more time on finding different ways of translation of the chosen objects, but animating the objects for me was definitely fun!

1st object: Ligher (clipper); Link to notion and animation:


Clipper, animation

2nd object: Bottle Opener; Link to notion:


3rd object: 50 cent; Link to notion and animation:


50 cent stopmotion

The publication can be accessed through this link:


3 thoughts on “Week 02/ Catalogue/ I&S/ Maria Lukoianova”

  1. Some of the ways that you have translated your objects are really intriguing, your drawings feel like technical drawings – especially the lighter sketch. Your stop motions are really fun and I like that you’ve included some personality into the animation style and made characters out of the objects. Combining the visuals with more written communication builds a stronger picture of these objects and their personal connections which work well.

    As you have a lot of written work it could be interesting to maybe create a longer video with a voice-over that talks about the personal connection while also showcasing your more visual work as another way of publishing your ideas however separating them into three distinct webpages makes a clear definition between the three objects; exploring the layout of the work on the website a bit more could make it more visually engaging for an audience. Thinking about how type interacts with images. (https://nearlyapublishinghouse.com) An example of an interesting layout.

    The lighter anatomy poster is really cool, check out Peter Savill’s work for Factory Records, it has a similar colour palette to the text boxes. Your work in Blender also looks really interesting and it could provide an interesting step to make you own anatomy posters with you connections to the object.

    I look forward to seeing more of this as it develops, some really cool ideas that you have presented!!

  2. The animation looks really cool. You’ve included some personality into the animation style. The music is also well chosen to match with the content. The methods of translation are successful. I feel like the perspective you’ve chosen to observe the objects is quite interesting and technical, for example, the drawing of lighter. The format of publication is very clean and minimalistic. when I first glance at the text, I thought was coding. Maybe this is your intention to make the publication looks digital as well?
    I’m looking forward to seeing you further develop into a website as I feel the animation can work really well with your other content!

  3. Maria! This is great! Such a wonderful inquiry into your objects, that has yielded so many exciting results! From the playful animations, to the thorough observational drawings, to the scans, to the otherworldly Blender renders!

    All of your methods of translation have very different feels to them, the animations are playful and fun, whereas your drawings have a criticality to them (the drawings of the coin are wonderful!) and the Blender renders, as Luke said, to have a feel of Peter Saville’s New Order ‘Technique’ album cover.

    It would be interesting to see which of your approaches you’d like to develop. How could for example the Blender render be further explored? Could this be animated? Very exciting indeed! One thought I did have was to do with how you approach type (especially on the cover of your publication) how could you integrate your drawing abilities/sensibilities into how you approach type? Sometimes the computer can dictate / inform an aesthetic too much — how can you find the right balance?

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