5 thoughts on “Flora Hay, Catalogue”

  1. Hi, Flora
    It is interesting how you reimagine your objects like ‘ if your object was a …’. I love the kind of colour combinations in tags at the front pages. I am not sure if you wanted to show a vintage and nostalgic mood , but if you did I think the tags quite fit your purpose and the two colour lights were good choices because I feel your trial transformed into nice images that contain both vintage but new. And how about taking pictures of shadows? I think the shadow could represent the stain or mark left behind by an object.

  2. Hey,
    I really liked your idea. I liked the use of colours and the simplicity of the way you constructed them I felt it looked really good. I liked the concept of the old and new too.

  3. Your process work shows some very interesting thinking and it looks like you had fun. It was entertaining following your process! I wonder how many sugar cubes tall I am!!

    Your publication is very well put together and well designed. The translation exercise at the beginning is really good. The photographs taken with the coloured gels are beautiful and the illustration created are visually striking. You have used lots of diverse processes throughout.

    Overall very well done a great weeks work.

  4. Seeing your process this clearly definitely compliments to the communication of your project, it’s very entertaining to see your thought process this clearly, I like the experiments and tries.

    I like the experimental outcomes, the writings add a lot to your design, I like the usage of different methods, very well done and presented throughout the publication, I wonder how this would like the images were contextualised as poster designs, they would be soo interesting.

    Love it!!

  5. I really like how you photographed the objects, the colour choice is interesting, but a bit disturbing, like something has happed to owners of those objects.
    (Even if it’s a bit different from other experimentation), I still really like your illustrations, especially the drawing of dance shoes

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