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My idea is to make comparisons which in terms of the relation between different categories. I have two proposals so far which are: Huge &Tiny, Isolated & social.

For ‘huge and tiny’, I proposed 13 normal real daily supplies and 13 tiny model toy collections. And I planned to indicate the difference between two groups through four aspects: size compare, material, pros&cons and meaning to me. 

For the Isolated & social proposal, I also have 13 things I usually use when I am isolated at home and 13 things people always need when they are together. Then I will explore more from LATCH aspect especially from time, location and hierarchy.

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  1. Hello Jessica! I love your proposals, especially the isolated & social one! It is interesting to see what objects we resort to when we are lonely, and we are together. Are some of them the same? Are they indispensable? Are they subjective? Are they the ownership of one person or several? Is this different from culture to culture? Different age groups? Social groups?
    There are some nice things to do around it, maybe more, I feel, than with tiny and normal-scale objects, though I always love a miniature.
    I don’t know if you didn’t fully understand the brief or if you are still working on it but I’m excited to see how you would curate your items with these methods.

  2. You have two very strong proposal which I hope you’re continuing to develop. Now that you’ve seen other peoples outcomes you can have a clearer understanding of the brief. After giving it some thought i think this idea of exhibiting your objects to what you use when we’re alone to when we are socialising. You could have a go at asking yourself, what objects are more personal to you and what are more relative to everyone?
    You could look at exhibiting your “sociable” objects as like an emergency kit ready for when lockdown ends and another kit exhibiting your “alone” objects for staying at home.
    Something way out there but a cool thing to try if your objects are quite random: I can picture a catalog of your objects… you could price the items of what they actually were to what you think they’re worth according to your memories and personal connection. You could also price or allocate them to what you believe are “essential” according to the situation right now, where we are in isolation. And another “essential” list of when we come out of lockdown.
    Just a few suggestions! i think the concept is really strong, just focus now on the creation!

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