I’ll update this post with my process by the end of the week, this is a trilogy of posters inspired by infographics and classroom textbooks like Edexcel. The posters are designed to be viewed both online and as a physical print.

One thought on “WEEK 2: THREE ITEMS”

  1. A really good start to the catalogue task, the consistent design and translations applied to each of the objects works really well. Do check the Documents, River Island has become Ver Island!

    The poster design is very clean and sophisticated, it would have been good to apply the same approach to the photographs of the objects. You could consider cutting out the images that you have to remove the backgrounds? You could consider adding some colour from the object into the banner at the top?

    It looks like you need to add some translations for each chosen object? Price? Written description for example. I count 10 rather than the minimum of 12?

    I look forward to seeing some of the process work.

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