Curate: ‘S(h)elf Identity’ collection


In this week’s task, I explore the nostalgic memories associated with my possessions.

When replacing my 13 objects I decided to go down a slightly different route to my previous submissions. Prior to week 3, I had created publications exploring memories in the form of gifts. However this time I surveyed these memories in a different way with a connection to music through my CD and album collection. Music collecting is a big hobby of mine as I enjoy looking at album cover designs which helped draw me into the world of graphic design. As an aspiring designer, I only collect albums/CDs that display a good relationship between aesthetic + music. Most of these albums were also gifted to me, through friends and coursemates. These albums are displayed in cube boxes on a shelf in my bedroom and therefore provided me with a perfect place for me to hold an exhibition. If I were to restart this project from week 1, I would have picked objects solely from my album collection, as this way I could have created a more specific and meaningful exhibition.

Theme: Self Identity

experimenting with idea layouts

Outcomes: S(h)elf Identity

Using TIME, HIREACHY and CATEGORY, my digital exhibition features an interactive timeline that displays each object individually & chronologically. Each object has been grouped into suitable categories to show where they would be displayed by subject on my shelf at home.

Interact with my exhibition here:


I have realised that it may have been more suitable to exhibit my objects in a style linking to both music and memories, such as using sound or lyrics to capture the ‘essence’ of each object or by documenting the objects visually using music paper etc. I would have also liked to explore the friends and family members in more detail like I did last week to give a stronger connection to the value of gifts. For better organisation, I wish I had used a spreedsheet when sorting through my objects.

After completing this week’s task, I also came across an app which lets users create their own digital exhibitions 🙂 You can view exhibitions made on this app through your smartphones or web browser! I really recommend browsing other creator’s work. I had a lot of fun myself as it’s very realistic, relaxing and easy to navigate.

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  1. I really like this interesting interaction, it’s very well designed. It might be possible to reinforce some of the details, for example, if I notice that the color of the timeline changes from deep to shallow, would it follow that the change from shallow to deep is more consistent with the intensity of the memory of the object

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