Never this without that – Exhibition

I decided to replace some objects with others that would “add something” to them and work with them, hence the name : never this without that. Some of the objects are even unusable or useless without the additional one. What is the purpose of a stapler without staples ? There are also personal things, such as the prayer book that I have associated with my mother’s chain with some Jewish religion symbols. Even if I haven’t finished everything yet, I have tried this week in my process to concentrate more on the whole page without putting too much margins and consider the double page spread.

2 thoughts on “Never this without that – Exhibition”

  1. Working with your compositions and spreads has helped emphasise your images, the way that you’ve combined the old and new objects in a way that the correlation is clear yet they are still strong on their own. The paint stroke on page 5 is a nice way to break up all of the images and kinda reminds me of this work (, maybe something to explore at some point.

    The repeated images of page 3 are pleasing to look at, you could consider other ways of image manipulation and exploring that. I think you’ve definitely achieved your goal for this week and will be interesting to see how you take these compositions into future work.

  2. I quite like your concept of never this without that. I totally agree with you. Everything you’ve chosen all sort of having your memories or feelings. It’s like a bond between you and the objects. The paint stroke on Page 5 has a very nice pattern and structure which can also be explored more such as giving a movement on your page spread, having different textures or colour of paint strokes can also provide different feelings and atmosphere. Page 8 and Page 9 are really lovely. I also quite like the handwriting on Page 11 and 15, looking very personal. Looking forward to see how you develop for the next week.

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