4 thoughts on “Laura Hawkes | Week 3 | Curate Project”

  1. I really really love this. I’m glad you kept working on last week’s idea that you didn’t know what to do with, cause it paid off for sure.
    This is a very original and playful way of curating your objects. There is a great choice of binding and paper (great texture/colour) that makes us want to own the actual publication, to be able to hold it and feel it. Good font as well, suits the topic but is still readable and aesthetic.
    I love the “clouds” you created, especially knowing that you used previous work to do so. There’s a nice dynamic to the pages, and everything seemed to be thought and crafted accordingly. You notice a great attention to details. Nothing’s left to chance: you edited the pictures with that vintage-looking grain, found matching-lettered adjectives for all your items, used the narrative structure of child’s book (with the end responding to the very beginning)… Honestly I don’t have much advice this week. I don’t mind having photos instead of illustrations. Though, maybe the picture of you could have been more child-looking, less over-exposed? But I like the crop of it, enhancing the eyes and the stare. As you said you may want to go further with the front and back cover but them being simple works as well.
    And it’s interesting to see your process and the ressources that inspired you!
    Amazing work!

  2. I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw your final outcome, especially since you’ve been talking about the story book idea since last week! I pictured a regular 2D, illustrated childrens book when you brought up the storybook idea but yours is full of texture, patterns, and has a sense of personality due to the type that you chose to work with. The typography clearly became a big part of the book, I think it’s really fun and effective since I would image that children would have fun reading it while also probably improve their reading skills due to its unconventional design – which I think was one of the reasons why you chose this font. It’s really impressive that you even thought about these things, not just the design but what the kids can learn from reading this book. My only suggestion would be to maybe try and add a couple of little illustrations in the midst of the collage of all your items, even something as simple as a thin outline of the object in a bright colour, I think would add an element of excitement and vibrancy to it. I think putting a photo of your cropped head is so so cute, I really like that it’s not an illustration but maybe you could play around with the collage idea more, like make your eyes bigger (so big it might extend to out of your face), maybe add some glitter texture on your eyes, or move your eyebrows slightly off centre, just a little something to make it a little more comical. Apart from that, I think you did such a good job, your process work is also helpful in helping me understand the outcome more and It’s so nice to see that you actually did the storybook and didn’t rush to do it last week because this week’s task suits it better it and it was so worth the wait 🙂

  3. This is so cool! I love the rhyme you made to go along with the images, it reads like a child’s bed time story and reminds me slightly of the kid’s book “Mucky Mabel” because of the rhyming style. Looking at your process work and inspirations there is a really clear correlation between the Charlie and Lola illustrations and your illustrations in the booklet, which is nice to see because there’s a direct link. Maybe for improvements there could be a brighter colour scheme? Although this booklet is really pretty, I think if you’re aiming for a child audience base, it should be more colourful to be eye catching and more engaging for a child. Other than that, I think this is a really cool piece and I can’t wait to see next week’s work!

  4. There is definitely a strong story book style visual to this outcome, which is really pleasant as you were mentioning this concept a lot, I’m glad it was able to come through because it’s really effective. What I particularly like is the typeface and it’s dynamic sizing; it’s so visually appealing and gives the text life, it’s not like those boring adult books with no images. The usage of textured collage as a background adds emphasis to this as well. The grey hues are really make the vibrancy and unique shape of each object stand out. I like how you’ve chosen an off white yellow-ish hue background. I don’t know if this was your intent but to me it connotes a lot to old, worn down items; like the theme of clutter you were using in week 1. Henceforth, the use of literary devices such as rhyme and alliteration really adds to the entertainment I got from reading it. The sound made from some of the alliterations are quite strong like “pretty perfume”-it gives each object a personality too. It’s such a good outcome but if I had to suggest something, I’d say try illustrating the objects or using the same collage technique you used for the background.I’ve really enjoyed the narratives in each of your weekly outcomes, they have this sense of curiousity and I can’t wait to see your work in the open studio!

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