Exhibit / ceni gulnihal yesilbahar / week 3

Collect or Consume?

For this weeks outcome, I wanted to reflect, show this objects with another method than a publication, I felt the need to work with another medium and started researching exhibitions, and how can things be exhibited. After my research process, I wanted to challenge myself and experiment with video making methods and decided to make a stop motion video. I choose a dynamic soundtrack for the background and kind of dramatic in a sense to showcase how overwhelming it is that we collect this much, how much we consume and I started wondering if this is simply collection things that we like or are we obsessed with materials?


2 thoughts on “Exhibit / ceni gulnihal yesilbahar / week 3”

  1. Hi, Ceni
    I like the background sound of your video. The rhythmical sound and rapidly visual change make a viewer have an interest to your work, also it has strong connection with your concept, fashion show. Your process is organised well to understand your journey to make the outcome. Your new challenge to make a video looks successful !

  2. Hey,

    I really love your idea it makes me feel like its a fashion show. I like the way you put the contemporary style on the old objects. I think as improvement you could video in a new style more similar to a fashion show. But it looks really good!

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