Idea & Process:

After last two week’s experiences, I’m seeking a way to show the object ‘s weight and shape at the same time.

I ‘ve tried put all things on the Kitchen scale and in water, but it doesn’t show the shape of objects very well.I chose the pillow as a presentation platform in the end. Every object can show different pressure on the pillow. I chose it also because the idea of “exhibition in bedroom”.

5 thoughts on “Week3-Curate”

  1. Hi, I really like your idea I feel like its very contemporary and different and I like the use of colours as it makes it really stand out to me. Maybe you could explain why you chose to place it on the pillow… But I think it looks great!

  2. I like the idea of using the pillow to exhibit your work, I think this method creates and gives different feelings to people, I like it, I think it is very relevant to today’s world and situation. I would really enjoy little descriptions about these objects and the reason for choosing the pillow.

    Keep safe

  3. Hi, Siting
    It is really new to me why you use the pillow for your exhibition, and it is really clever and interesting ! Using colour is a good way to represent the items more clearer and it is fun by making variation of item pages with them. If you combine images by order in a huge page, it might be easy to exhibit well I guess?
    Nice work 🙂

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