Week 03/Curate/Maria Lukoianova

At first, I thought that I was going to do a podcast with my friend via zoom, however the friend was not answering for quite a long time, so I have prepared a plan B, which included:

  1. A creation of a beat with Ableton 10 Lite ( it came out quite weird, as it was my first time making a beat *especially with different objects involved*)

2. Creating a video/animation, which shows the objects in a new and a modern way.

At first, I thought to just stick to stop motion animation and complete everything there, then I have realised that it would take me at least couple of days more, that’s when I found an opportunity in After Effects and kinetic typography. I knew that I would not have enough time anyway, so I have decided to go with more of a pleasing and educational way.

A bit of thinking process behind the video:


Final Result:

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