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  1. These illustrations are really cute and I can see the clear link with the proposal you posted earlier-your concept of having miniature and regular items. Its conceptually very creative how you’ve turned your household items contextually into something different for miniature people, such an interesting way of world building!! The mini hairdryer is so cute hehe.Your projects have such an interesting take on the brief but I also want to know how you came up with the idea as well because you mentioned having another route earlier (the social and isolated one)? why did you go with this one instead? (out of curiosty!) Also I kinda see a connection now that I thought of it-what if your isolated objects are the miniature ones-this concept of objects coming to life or rather mini-people coming to use them when you’re not at home (kind of like in Toy story or Night at the museum) . If you were tp develop this outcome you could add some illustrations to the cover as well perhaps, one that embodies your miniature concept, II’m suggesting this because I get a visual story vibe from looking at you work, if the cover has some interesting illustration on it, people will want to know more about the little people that use their objects! When do these little people a appear? why do they appear? has quarantine made them more timid? Who are they? We must know!!!! I’m looking forward to see your work next week!
    Also what happened to the link? it was working a few hours ago :0

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