Puthimart week 3: C U R A T E


Hi everyone, here is my outcome for week 3. It’s influenced by vintage stamp design as I was going for the theme of being “international” amidst a pandemic where you’re all kinda stuck at home. You can find more context in my process log (added later) but right now I’ll just leave you with the outcome-I want to know how effective it is without the aid of context


The title is a spoof of “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego” . Enjoy

YOU CAN GET THE PROCESS LOG HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h1bTGSeP4juNZ-FKHqjsWVVir0liiXK-/view?usp=sharing

5 thoughts on “Puthimart week 3: C U R A T E”

  1. First off I love the illustrations! I think it would be nice to maybe see them a little bigger? The concept is cool, and I like the stories that go with the illustrations but I do think they might work better in terms of layout if you had 1 illustration and piece of text per postcard. Then you could have an ‘Africa’ postcard collection, a ‘Europe’ postcard collection etc. I like that the concept makes everyone seem connected too, like “yes you are trapped in your house, but look at these beautiful keepsakes you have from all over the world” like a reminder everything will be okay!

  2. omg wow I had so much fun going through your project, I was smiling and giggling the whole way! Your outcome has a very good layout. I like the “how this works” part of it – it is very effective in helping me understand the project more therefore making it more enjoyable to view. It’s very organized – I can tell that you put a lot of thought and work into it. Writing it in first person and writing it informally was such a good choice, It makes it so personal, as if you’re telling me a story. I really miss traveling and reading your little stories reminded me of when I did. It’s also really nice how you’re writing about your memory of the item, not just about the history of the item – ex; the Tengu paper mask, you wrote that you got it before having an argument with your dad. This makes me feel like I’m reading your journal, it’s so personal and relatable. My favourite one is the Balinese mask because I’m from Indonesia so I’m biased but also, so funny cause it really is so scary and terrifying but I have one too haha. The illustrations that you did are very fun and colourful however it doesn’t remind me much of a vintage stamp design. I think it would have been effective to add the white zigzag postage stamp frame around the illustrations so the resemblance to a postage stamp is stronger and maybe add some kind of vintage effects such as grain/ fade? Apart from that I really enjoyed going through your work.

  3. I love this idea! the illustrations are beautiful and the concept is really creative. i really appreciate the fact you’ve developed your idea from the first week by organisation from location. its turned into such a strong concept. i think instead of having them be ‘stickers’, you could make them into stamps or have them be the postcard design themselves. this could be how you chose to exhibit them. Maybe when looking at layout portray them slightly bigger, to get rid of any white space.
    You could next week in your process log choose to show us your objects, just so we can identify how you got to the illustrations, however the pieces of writing are still really useful.
    Moving on to next week, i think this is such strong concept and you should keep developing this idea. Although i loved the outcome from last week, i think this has more space to develop.

  4. You really have lots of interesting and creative ideas. I really like your drawing especially you have tried different ways to translate them, like the dodo playing card. I enjoyed the whole way, each of them is a story and illustrations come with the story are fun. I think you could improve more on layout just try to make better relation between text and illustrations. Maybe you could do some mock up as well to make this look like real stamp.

  5. Really good outcome for last week’s task! It feels like an interesting middle-ground between your first collection, based on location, and the style you went for with your translations.
    It was brave of you to do 26 drawings, of this quality especially. I enjoy them a lot and I wish we would see them more/better! Maybe by having only two per pages? Or even full page?

    Printing/pretending to print stamps or postcards (or even both) could be a quite playful outcome, and a different approach to the idea of collection (with some people actually collecting these items). Working with a map, maybe? With the stamps glued on the country they ‘come’ from?

    This is great and I feel there are a lot of ways you can go further with this!

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