week 4 // converge

The link below is my ‘map’ but I wasn’t 100% sure of what I was doing here so I tried to explain the key points of each week. My overall statement for it is that I think the first week was rough, and I didn’t really have a clue. But after that I found my feet and understood what I was doing and that I needed to just start making things in order for ideas to come. Which they did, and I’m pleased with my outcomes in the end!


Below is the link for my outcome.


6 thoughts on “week 4 // converge”

  1. Macey! I like the new pictures, and I’m glad you took Gary’s suggestion into account! I hope you get to try your exhibition set up one day because I’m really curious of what it could look like!
    I think you’ve come a long way since week 1, where I remember you were not super enthusiastic about the brief or your work. Since, you’ve experimented a lot, hopefully had a bit more fun, and I think your outcome is really nice and different from what I’ve seen before! I especially like the ones from the top, that feel like an inventory, or crime scenes evidence!! I think you could have played more with a narrative, because of how mysterious and strange your pictures are, mainly because of the use of negative!
    The close-ups with the textures are also quite interesting and I think they have a great potential (not sure for what though… but I’d buy them in stickers!)
    Good job!!

  2. I love these images! I want to own a print! The colours and textures in each one is so cool and authentic, I haven’t seen anything like this before. I can visualise them printed huge, spread across an exhibition wall, magnified to really make sense of what the objects are.
    Its great to see you’ve taken on board what Gary said in our session, so we have a varied series of images, however all linked by the process.
    Maybe for tomorrows online exhibition you could do a mockup of what they’d look like propped up on a wall. Which would be really quick to create if you look online for free mock ups. Maybe moving the text onto a different sheet, so we can see the images on there own!
    Really strong work, and its great to see each step of your journey these last 4 weeks!

  3. Macey! wow, your outcomes look amazing I want them printed on T-shirts so I could wear them! I don’t even see them as images of items anymore, they’re completely individual pieces of artwork. I think in a real exhibition, your outcomes have very strong potential to be very immersive and will be one of the outcomes that people remember when they leave the room because it’s all very thematic, strong and distinctive. The colours that have been created through editing your photos are so appealing and makes the textures of each item really pop out, so much so that they now look like intricate patterns instead of just zoomed in textures. I think the outcomes would work very well no matter how you print them – big, small, physically or digitally, on paper, acetate, fabric, literally anything at all would look cool. I love love all of the images, especially the cassette with the blue hearts on it. I think it’s so cute and peculiar in the best way, the fact that they’re not perfectly coloured and some of the blues has faded overtime makes it so special!
    For the process map – It’s really nice seeing your process work since I relate to the problems that you had, not really having a set plan/ not completely sure of where the project is going but then finding your way in the middle and eventually creating a successful clear, outcome that you’re proud of. That’s the beauty of experimenting and developing ideas (which you did a lot of), so it’s really nice that you were really candid about this since it will teach and inspire people to do the same. Congratulations on creating a beautiful set of outcomes! I hope you’re happy and proud of the work that you’ve done because they’re so great 🙂

  4. It is a good idea to concentrate on the image experimentations that you produced last week as these were visually striking. I think the first image of each location set are the strongest.

    It was also a good idea to tackle some of the image repetition that was happening but I do think you could have produced more new images. Especially as each set of images is describing a location. For example the kitchen images are all different views of exactly the same set up. It could have been interesting to try and add some more abstraction with the images, this is happening in the textures set but these should possibly not be separated from the other categories?

    It feels like the ‘bedroom ‘ set could be called work station as all the objects relate to work rather than sleep.

  5. MACEY!! These outcomes really amazing! The images are very distinctive in terms of colour-the way you’ve de and re-contextualized all these household objects. They would honestly look rad on T shirts or as prints! Its evident that you took last week’s feedback into more thorough consideration, there is a lesser sense of repetition and the image’s hues would work quite well with the effects of the light box! I agree with Lilli as there is strongly a potential for a narrative-and what Gary said about the post apocalyptic vibe. Maybe it could be like a report from post apocalyptic beings of what they’ve found within your house :0! I relate with you with regards to the first week as I was quite stressed out about it as well but with the feedback from everyone I was able to find a direction! It’s really nice how you mentioned as the weeks progressed you started to find a more stable ground and we were able to see the dynamism in your idea development as a result! It has been a great pleasure working in the same mini group as you #mostengaginggroupgang (o)v(o) . See you in studios next year on BB collaborate!!! xx

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