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  1. Hello Amanda!
    You always find different and interesting ideas to present your objects, which has made these tasks really entertaining to look at. This one is a good a one.
    I enjoy the really impartial take on this, with the concept of a lab report. We get several elements from previous projects, perfectly displayed in this improbable file. I think having it in portrait format instead of landscape would have made more sense (with the idea of a report, as they’re usually presented vertically) but I’m guessing this way was easier to showcase your work!
    I would have loved having a content pages with the different declinations, as you went for it with the subject title and front page!! Go girl, give us the full report fantasy. We want it.
    This is both super serious and funny, and I enjoy it very much. You managed to use your best previous pieces of work to combine them into something completely different, yet that makes sense. It’s a new narrative, and I like it.
    It’s nice that we get to see the map in bigger, so we can actually recognize the elements, and the week timeline works well. The “usage pattern aggregation” remains my favorite, with the use of maths (something i hate) and the extremely precise description.
    The final conclusion made me laugh because of its rigor about the subject, and I hope to be a better classifyer from now on. It also works as a map of your journey through writing, which is smart!

    I do have one question: how would you showcase this work is the exhibition was happening in the GCD studios? Would you print the pdf? Clip it? Make a poster? A publication?
    No matter the answer, this is a really nice work.

  2. You done a really great job of creating an outcome that relates really well to all the briefs we have got over the past 4 weeks. Theres so much information, its great! we get a real sense of what your objects are and the background information identifies this well.
    In a way your final piece reflects your process work, i can connect everything really nicely. I loved the video last week and i’m glad you’ve brought it through to this week, i think this is your strongest outcome, i love that we can get to know you and your everyday routine just by looking at the objects you use. I think this would be a really strong piece on its own, however i like the fact you’ve linked it to this “report” giving us even more information.
    I think you’ve done a nice job by creating this “lab report” to place all your experimentation together! it remind me of when i did psychology a level and had to come up with an experiment to test a theory.
    Nice piece of work! I’m looking forward to reading through it again on Monday.

  3. Hi! When scrolling through your outcome it feels like a piece of school science coursework, like an investigation you carried out before you take your exams! I love the fresh idea, and it works really well with what you’ve done in previous weeks like the animation map of your house and where the objects travel. I’m glad you kept that in your outcome for this week because that was definitely my favourite piece of work you’d done up until this point! I think there’s also some humour to the report too which is refreshing to read through (e.g. when you say the fox teddy bear mustn’t be taken for walks, I found that quite amusing). It’s been really great looking through your work through these past few weeks because your work has been so vastly different each week, but still each engaging in different ways. Can’t wait to see what you create next year! 🙂

  4. The idea of producing your work as a lab report is good and the use of the usage score is interesting. It is also very good how you bought in elements of the tasks from different weeks into this piece of work. In terms of the different elements you could have added some text/explanation to the product map page/film.

    I do think a small issue with the outcome is it as not visually striking as it could be. Maybe you needed to commit to this idea even further. Did you research scientific reports and lab reports to see how they are presented? Your final conclusion is really good, it could have been good to also add an introduction.

  5. I agree with Macey about the overall impression/vibe your work is emitting. The combination of the serif typeface and scientific terms (especially the equations and the part where you write off Gary as the professor) really does make it look like research documents which is actually quite an interesting take- These objects are what you use almost daily yet you have presented them so uniquely, I love it.
    The process log is very clear and concise, showing the different routes you’ve taken through each week. I really like the sense of continuity this has from last week’s outcome and ideas. You mentioned wanting to make some sort of exhibit to your neighbours-This in a way is exhibiting your daily life but in a more unconventional method, the details of the 3 examples are pretty interesting to read as they’re all very personal (I relate with you on the soap I have somethings I don’t wanna open to preserve them too!). The Lab report kind of reminds me of the days in IGCSE biology ! It’s really good that you considered this work from an exhibition context in your process log, I can imagine it being projected onto a wall or smart board… It’s conceptually so good! but I have to agree with Gary in regards to the presentation, maybe you could add signatures or hand writing in there to make it look more “hands-on” as in like to give it a more field work-like vibe. Apart from that, I just love the concept and ideas and the diverity of your outcomes!! See you next year in studios (maybe?) Also do you play Animal Crossing ?

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