3 thoughts on “Week 4 Luke”

  1. Hey Luke!
    As always, really ambitious and impressive work.
    It’s nice to see different people with different, and 3D is definitely one of yours!
    Felt a bit like I was in maze at first, and I kept hitting walls, but once I finally understood how it worked (maybe you should put the explanations in bigger for dumb people like me, or in a display that makes them more obvious, with icons and such) I really enjoyed your exhibition!
    There’s an element of surprise as you walk through the room that reminds me of actual irl exhibitions (miss them dearly). You don’t know what you expect, and are thus constantly pleasantly surprised. The objects are smartly positioned, sometimes on the wall, sometimes leaning, sometimes on a block! You’re a good curator.
    And the elements are animated! Great! Please, teach me.
    This work, because of this technicality, feels a bit distant at first, but having paragraphs about your interests actually makes it quite personal and suddenly becomes an exploration of you, as if we were entering your life, your brain, your environment – with your consent of course.

  2. great work as usual. I really enjoyed looking into your virtual exhibition and how the proportion has changed for each item. I felt the different of proportion and scale really change the way we interact with them. I found the piles of coins in Desk session really interesting as I didn’t realised those are coins because of the scale until I zoomed into. I also quite like the diving kits which reminds me the experience of myself doing the open water training in Malta long time ago. It’s a very ambitious exhibition with great use of technique.

  3. Luke!
    The final outcome is resolved, confident and a great end to the project, well done! You have produced an exciting range of outcomes in this project; from your earlier publications, to a transition into more digital and 3d exploration, then your first exhibition to this immersive and engaging digital exhibition/experience! The sculptural digital freestanding forms/scans are fascinating; the way the scan does not fully capture the object, very exciting and could be explored further in an array of ways. If I am honest, the more figurative elements on the walls (the dive log, or Glastonbury posters especially) feel at odds with fragmented scans, they somehow ground the exhibition — the flatness and/or realness — which is perhaps intentional? I wonder how further you could push this?
    Very exciting work Luke! Exciting times ahead.

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