2 thoughts on “WEEK4 | CONVERGE | GYURI KIM”

  1. As you said, the work uploaded this week is a collation of the work from the previous 3 weeks rather than new work for the ‘Converge’ task.

    I do like the story of your Mother ‘s cabinet of precious keepsakes. The panoramic images you made last week, including the graphic of negative space were good. You applied the graphic of negative space back to the cabinet at the end of your document which is interesting but this still feels like it could be developed further. For example maybe you could have revealed connected memories or stories for the objects?

    Just visualising the two images printed out opposite each other as posted on Are.na is not really enough

  2. I like the work you have gathered throughout all the weeks, I like the idea of panoramic images with negative space and contrast of black and white, I really enjoyed the cabinet idea and I am wondering how that can be taken further. The first thing that your outcome reminds me of is puppet shows, I feel like it would be soo fun if you made an outcome that looked like a puppet show with shadows, like a shadow puppet theatre with your objects, I don’t know just an idea to maybe further your creative process 🙂

    Love the work, stay safe

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