5 thoughts on “Week 4”

  1. The pastel colour pallet works well with your drawings, animating them all must have been fun. Your choice of font for the text serves the illustrations art style well. The idea of using a floorplan to navigate the site, its cool to see a hand-done approach to minimalism. I can see the thought you put into the spacing on the homepage it all fits well together. The Bedroom Collection is looking really strong, nice work.

  2. Hello! This is a really cool outcome.
    Making it into a website makes it nice and interactive, the viewer is involved and is virtually walking around your bedroom, choosing where to go next. Having the tabs on the side was really smart and convenient. Nice colour touches as well. Your illustrations are lovely, and the bonus is that they’re animated. Love your writing as well. I can tell there’s been a lot of work.

    I just wish the pictures you uploaded were in a higher quality so we could zoom it to see the details! It would also be nice to link the title Bedroom Collection to your homepage so we can see the map again. Otherwise I really enjoyed it, great work!

  3. Tina!
    Your final outcome is wonderful! A great mixture of illustration, interaction, humour and fun! This is great! Your final outcome is a successful culmination of all of the weekly tasks, it has a coherent and consistent visual language (the hand rendered illustrations, handwriting and simple animations!). It is evident that you have worked hard and have committed to the project, and consequently resulted in an accessible and successful final outcome! Well done tina!
    Your reflection too is thoughtful and engaged and reveals the journey that you have taken through the project. All in all a great response to the brief, and a great document of your time in lockdown.

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