Week 4 – Converge – Susanna Aurora Montaner Messori

For this final task, I decided to continue working on my idea from last week and develop it further, as I was interested in the concept of rediscovering ‘lost’ memories associated to the different objects I selected.

Whilst my project for week 3 was the creation of a ‘photo album’ including postcards on which I hand wrote my memories associated to the 26 items photographed, for this week’s project I decided to transform that album into a ‘family edition’ version. Since some objects represented moments in which my family members were present too, I thought it would be interesting to see what feelings, emotions and thoughts they remembered based on these objects; gaining a new, fresh perspective.

To do this, though, I decided to select only 7 objects, which to me were the most significant ones.

This project not only allowed me to give a new meaning to all of the individual objects, to an extent, but it also made me become aware of multiple memories and emotions my family members associated with these, which before I was unaware of, either because I had forgotten about parts of those moments or because we had never talked about these events in such detail after so much time since they took place.

Instead of only using postcard designs for each memory, I used different formats that best expressed the method in which each individual family member portrayed them.


Memories are a curious set of information that automatically get ‘stored’ within us. They can depict a moment in time, an experience, a feeling.

This final exhibition explores this idea of memories and how these can be translated in different ways from individual to individual. The ‘album’ shown includes a collection of memories from six individuals, who all responded to the same stimuli (images of objects) that reminded them of moments lived together. Although each recollection is personal and unique, when looking at them together links can be made, bringing these different perspectives together to make the audience gain a clearer picture of that moment being explored as a whole.

WEEK 4 – CONVERGE – FINAL EXHIBITION: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uRS6y-YLowu1f138aqBZ-vQRpWRRSuy6/view?usp=sharing

The following PDF shows the map of my journey during this platform.


The following PDF includes some of the pages from my sketchbook to show the overall process I went through to get to the final outcome for this week’s task.


4 thoughts on “Week 4 – Converge – Susanna Aurora Montaner Messori”

  1. Hello Susie! Been following your work for a couple of weeks and really enjoy where you’ve finally arrived! There is something really personal about this publication, enhanced by the hand-writing. Though, I believe thinner outlines to the letters, enveloppes and such would have suited better the lightness of the writing and the font.
    I like that the way you presented the objects and the memories were slightly different every time, it allowed it to be flowy and not too repetitive. The puzzle code you created was really smart.
    I wish I could read all the text in Italian!
    I think having your pdf in a bigger format would allow us to see better the text, as well as the nice faces you drew.

  2. The idea of the family puzzle pieces to complete memories was really interesting and also very good that these memories were triggered by the objects. Considering this maybe these objects could be presented more strongly in the document?

    Understanding all of this is difficult when not all the information is translated into English. There are graphics of sound recordings, for each person, if these exist it would have been good to hear them?

    You could have considered introducing the main characters on the puzzle page by using the illustration you did for each person.

    Your process map is visually good but does not really describe the journey on this unit, it does not really show that there were different tasks each week for example. It shows more of generic journey solving one set brief.

  3. Hi Susanna!
    Great work btw, your journey is very coherent and the development process is very noticeable/easy to follow. I like how there’s a key to follow so it gives an easy read to what’s going on in each message going back and forwards. I wonder if the blue text is just a little hard to read, maybe the contrast is a bit high. But really enjoy this work and I like how it overall became a lot more personal compared to the other weeks!

  4. Hi Susanna,

    This work is amazing, I love how you’ve made the family members memories and speech so visual, it fits in so well with the style and theme of the rest.
    The colour palette is great and allows us to focus on the information as well as the aesthetic. It’s been so lovely to see your work change into something lovely every week!

    You’ve made such great work, have a wonderful week 🙂

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