3 thoughts on “Converge – Han Chun (Adam) Lin”

  1. Hi Adam,
    The final outcome is really funny and interesting. I think it was such a good idea to showcase all the weekly tasks as they each add something unique and interesting to the overall outcome.
    I can see that you’ve worked on it from last week and the website has a really nice flow and definitely fits the subjects and the work from the previous weeks
    Have a great week!

  2. Hello Adam,

    Great website! It is fun, engaging and exciting to scroll through. The idea of creating the website to exhibit all of the different designs you have created over the past weeks allows the audience to clearly see the development of your ideas in time. Also, the videos of the dogs eating the dog food paintings in my opinion are great.

    Overall, I think that your exhibition is very well presented, as you chose a layout for each page on the website that makes it easy to navigate and see all of the different elements within it.

    Your work has always been very consistent and every single week has been very engaging and attention grabbing. Really amazing work 🙂

  3. It was a good idea to combine your work from the other weeks into a website for the Dog Hunter. Obviously, this was done for last week and I can see that you have done a little bit more work on it this week. Could you have done more on it this week?

    There are now 6 of the dog food painting films, it would be good to add more as these are great fun. You could have added sound?

    Check through carefully as there are some spelling mistakes, including the title. PICUTRES rather than PICTURES

    Overall the work on the unit is really good and it has been entertaining looking through your work each week, with a natural progression each time and the decision to combine it into one place was good.

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