Please note this is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Only 1 part is finished.

“Online Travelling That Gives You Opportunities To Look At Really Specific And Personal Souvenirs Around The World”

Alt title: “26 Things That Will Make You Want To Travel” (c) Lilli Fourmestraux

My outcome for the “converge” project is a website based off the concept of travel blogs and scrap booking. Most of the objects I chose were from other countries, and after peer suggestions I decided to steer the project that way as it would be interesting to convey the concept of travel to everyone who is stuck at home. The blog features the objects as ‘stamp inspired stickers’, along with illustrations and facts of the location they originated from.

*this is a work in progress, only the Africa and about pages are complete, as I did not want to rush the project, I hope you enjoy it* Below is what the page looks like. Click this link to access it, it only works on a laptop or computer..


2 thoughts on “PUTHIMART: WEEK 5//CONVERGE”

  1. I think the idea of combining the outcomes into a website about world travel and souvenirs was good. Obviously, this is not finished but we do get a good sense of the final outcome. At the moment it is very simple with a page per continent. It would be good to try and add a little more discovery and complexity ie have more elements to interact with. You should also really try and maintain some of the entertainment and humour that was in previous weeks work.

    The use of illustration throughout this project has been very good. I think you could make more of the colour illustrations that you did last week rather than just having them a stamps on the notes/postcards on the website

    You were also meant to load a Process map this week and your process work for feedback.

  2. Hi Bamm, I really like the website idea and think it will work well when it’s finished! I agree with Gary that your illustrations have been lovely throughout the project and it would be a shame to not see more of the colour that worked so well in the previous weeks outcomes! After looking through the ‘Africa’ page, it’s nice to see some colour there as well as drawings and facts (my favourite is the one that says ‘they run over simbas dad btw’). It’s been great watching your work progress over the past few weeks and I hope I get to see more of it next year!

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