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Travelling to London for the university was my first long-term venture outside my own city Birmingham, I was not sure on what to carry at the start of the academic year which ended up in me spending unnecessary spending money on moving stuff I did not use once in my time attending Central Saint Martins, so I put together a list of twenty-six items I am not leaving without the next time I settle in the city of London and organizing them in various ways using some of the aspects from the LATCH organization system (Location, Alphabet, Time, Category and Hierarchy) using a digital photobook.


4 thoughts on “W5 Exhibition Ismail”

  1. A really good document of your process this week. Your initial thoughts of stepping back and looking over your work and simplifying key elements was very good. The new set of photographs created are good and also consistent in terms of lighting and colour which is important. I do like the idea of the white ‘set’ you have created to present the items. On some of the images the white boxes could be a little neater.

    I also think the idea behind your collection of the 26 items that you must take to London next time is also good. How they are categorised and how you describe these categories is good. Try and get someone to proof read these written descriptions for you.

    You were also meant to produce a process map of this unit.

  2. Hi Ismail!
    Really like the design decision to make the photos coherent in colour and setting. The brown tones gives it a nostalgic sense, fits well with the personal relationship towards the items. The captions for each category are enjoyable to read since it’s not too long neither short. Overall great work!

  3. Hi Ismail,
    This is a really useful/ practical way of taking this brief and I feel like it will help you when we move back down to London. I really like the way you’ve shot and posed the items its like they are at an auction.
    I also found the captions very funny and interesting to read as it gave an insight into your relationship with each item.
    Have a great week!

  4. Hello Ismail,

    I really like the website that you created as your final outcome. The different descriptions you wrote for each category allowed me to clearly see the connection you have with each individual object. Also, the images you took look very professional, recreating very well the atmosphere of an online exhibition of these 26 items.

    Really great work 🙂

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