week 5-Exhibit. Lisa


My outcome is a short video about memories and time. I decided to focus on Curate week. After looking through the house for objects. I came up with an idea of showing old and new objects. As at the moment I am in my grandparents country house, which is full of history and memories. At the begging, I had many ideas of how I could exhibit my project. My main idea was to photograph the objects outside in the field, But it was raining all the time. Even though, I am pleased with my outcome. It is simple and easy to understand the meaning.




4 thoughts on “week 5-Exhibit. Lisa”

  1. Good to see your process map which simply shows your overall journey through the unit. Obviously, you are not writing in your first language so try and get someone to proof read it for you to current grammatical and spelling mistakes.

    For the Converge task I think you could have taken your work a lot further this week as it does not seem to have developed much from last week’s work apart from adding the text onto the film? As you wanted to keep the aesthetic of the creased background to make it feel ‘homely’ it would have been good to re photograph the objects breaking the edge of frame. ( The book images) As mentioned in the tutorial maybe the sound track could have been developed.

    Or you could have possibly added connected memories to the chosen objects to make it a bit more personal and intimate.

  2. It would be really nice to see your map, I really like this video and I can see how you tried to make it more personal with the headings that you have added, I really enjoyed while watching it, I feel like it could be really good if you could play around with effects, different photographing methods and maybe reveal more about these objects and why they are important. About the soundtrack, I like the soundtrack but I feel like it could be more dynamic maybe you can combine this soundtrack with another one and create a different soundtrack, unique to your video.

  3. Hi, Lisa
    You have a well organised process map that show how you have done your work for 5 weeks. The way you inserted the words in the video makes it easy to understand the relationship between different items! But it would be better if you put the words a bit closer to the items and changed the colour of the words to create contrast with the background.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I really like the way you show time flies by compare old and new items.The old clock and candle is fascinating.
    My suggestion is may you can show us how we use these item differently too? Such as the way we use the old clock and new clock is very different.
    Love your work!

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