2 thoughts on “COLLECT | MEMORY OF TRAVEL”

  1. Well done for loading your publication onto the blog. The pages are quite small and hard to see in detail though! Even at maximum zoom in I can not read the text or see what the items are on screen. Next time please load them larger. I downloaded them so I could see the work.

    Good to see some of your process and initial thoughts, it would be good to show more process. Have you engaged with the given research links for example?

    It is great to see the little ‘photo studio’ that you constructed. Just remember when shooting like this that your camera measures the light by averaging what it see to be mid grey, that’s why lots of the white backgrounds are exposed to grey. Best to shoot on manual exposure and make sure that the cameras meter is telling you that it is a bit over exposed and then it will be closer to correct exposure.

    Obviously, it makes sense to organise your items by location as it is a collection of travel souvenirs. Not sure how well the continents organisation works because most of the categories are empty.

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