Week 1: Collect – Em Brooks


Using LATCH to organise twenty-six of my books. Particularly focusing on ‘A’ and ‘C’ (alphabetical order and categories).

I chose to arrange the books in alphabetical order by title. This way, if there is a specific book that someone wanted to see exists on the list, they would be able to easily find it.

I decided to use categories to present my ‘Favourite play’, ‘Books that changed my life’ and ‘Books you shouldn’t read on the tube’.

9 thoughts on “Week 1: Collect – Em Brooks”

  1. Hi Emily,

    I enjoyed your book guide. I also enjoyed the way you photographed (the paw!) and described the books. It’s very clear and makes me want to look at it again. As a matter of fact, I will download it and try to read some of them (I read 1984 and naive.super) I loved the categories.

    1. Thank you Alena! So glad you enjoyed the publication and will be able to utilise it! Hahah I’m pleased you noticed the cute paw too 😀

  2. I really appreciate how you explain your favorite books as well classify them in an alphabetical way, i feel that will be better if you classify them in content and style, such as poem, novel, spirit, realism, absurdism. The hand writing typography in each page Is nice and classic, which is good to match these vintage books.

  3. Hi Em,

    I really enjoyed reading the descriptions of each book and seeing their relationships to you, this adds much more depth and personality to the project. I also like how you have combined alphabetical order with categories, as this makes the publication much more practical.

    I think it would be interesting to explore and compare/contrast the cover design elements of each book in each category… in order to do this a more neutral background would help (consider removing grass?)

    And I was actually in need of some book recommendations haha, so thank you! 🙂

    1. Thank you Freya 🙂 I like the idea of considering the covers of the novels as a way of organising them, and perhaps changing the background.

      I’ll definitely consider this for next week. And hopefully you’ve managed to find some good books to read in the list hahah

  4. Hey Emily 🙂

    I think the alphabetic organisation method you chose is really good and that you didn’t only do the titles but the writers names too. I also really like the category you named ‘Books you shouldn’t read on the tube’ I think that’s really interesting and made me wanna read some of the books too.

    1. Thank you Filipa! I’m glad you liked that specific category, I thought by including “books you shouldn’t read” makes them strangely more appealing, so I’m glad you clocked on to that 🙂

  5. A great selection of books Em! I like how you have chosen to bring your love of literature to the brief, as well as an apparent and your love of writing. Your reviews read very well too. It feels like the beginning of something — books are such a rich source to further explore; from the format, physicality and materiality of the book, to the paratextual and typographic design devices that assist the reader, to library science. And that is even before we get to the text! And how the reader uses or abuses the text/book (underlines, marginalia…) Do you underline and make notes in books?

    Further exploring classification methods may yield some interesting avenues — Georges Perec wrote a great essay called “Brief Notes on the Art and Manner of Arranging One’s Books” which is an interesting treatise on how one can order books. Also have a search for Paul Braffort’s Invisible Libraries in which he explores ways of organising books beyond the conventional. Exciting work Em!

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