5 thoughts on “Freya Kirk / Collect”

  1. Hey Freya 🙂

    Your object of choice is really interesting as we typically don’t pay socks much thought or attention, plus the photographs are really cool. It would be nice to maybe see a short description of the socks you remember getting, ie. where & when, but you might not remember that for each sock!!

  2. Hey Freya,

    An engaging and clear way to present a collection by a location. The idea of collecting the location of stray socks reminds me of the police investigation map where they use a bunch of strings to connect the events. Maybe, having a map of the apartment would contribute to the publication?

  3. Hi Freya, your item choice of this project is quite interesting, the way you categorize your items by colors is nice, also the story telling and research process are very good. I feel if you can take pictures of items in a natural environment will better than white background.

  4. hey Freya 🙂

    I think that the item you chose to organise is really cool, thinking of organising socks by location is really unique and by colour made the publication really eye catching.

  5. Love your sock collection Freya! The concept, art direction and photography is really strong, and how you locate the sock to a place is great. It feels like a very resolved outcome! Great work for a couple of days. In terms of development I was thinking about how you could bring location into it more, a map? Photographs of places? Or the owners (your parents or brother!). Further explorations into your socks will be interesting! What about shoes!

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