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In recent weeks I moved to my friend’s house, so I didn’t carry many stuffs, i just choose items from my luggage. Those items are always surround me, they can represent me in different ways. I classify them as types and relationships with me. I using three simple words to describe Their function, personality, connection, and the event with them.

5 thoughts on “Collect | Miao Su”

  1. Hey Miao!

    I really like the way you’ve photographed the objects using the scanner, the photos are great.
    Your method of classification is interesting, as otherwise the items could have seemed quite similar. I like that you have made each item personal to you, and used 3 words to do this.

  2. Hi Miao,

    Cool way of image capturing. The limitation of not having a camera and using a scanner instead unifies the presentation. The classification is clear and efficient.

  3. Hey Miao,

    I love the aesthetic the scanner provides and the limitations of the 3 words used to describe each item.
    Perhaps you could consider which objects you use more/which objects you value more?
    It’s a shame it’s a Man City shirt and not a Chelsea one haha! 🙂

  4. hey Miao 🙂

    I really enjoyed looking through your work, I think it’s really original the way you used the scanner to photograph your objects. Your publication is very minimalistic and it was nice to look through.

  5. I love the scanned object aesthetic! This is super! It retains the scale / actual size of the objects and provides a wonderful honest representation! Very exciting and reflective of your current locked down situation. One thought I did have was the relationship between scans and the typography — it could be further refined — could the type be smaller? I would recommend that you could spend some time refining the type and exploring different type sizes, weight and location. Also consider the placement and stroke width of the rule. I appreciate that these are a bit detailed, but I think that you have arrived at something really interesting and it needs to be super refined to maximise its potential! Exciting work Miao!

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