26 oldest objects in the house. Lisa

For this project, I decided to choose 26 oldest and historically valuable in the house. I thought that it would be interesting to see what objects represent our house.

From the LATCH structure I decided to organise all objects into categories like, toys, decorations, clothes, etc…

(I was planning to upload an interactive booklet, but I didn’t understand how)

3 thoughts on “26 oldest objects in the house. Lisa”

  1. An interesting collection of objects and the playful layout using blocks of colour is effective and will make a striking publication. The spreads are very small on the blog and it would be better to be able to see them larger. The objects look to be nicely photographed but again hard to see at this scale/ You could have loaded each double page spread separately as an image so they were larger. You could consider adding a key at the end giving some information on each item?

    You were meant to load a process pdf as well this week for feedback.

  2. I really like the visual language that you used the background colour blocking creates a really nice contrast between the imagery and objects. I like the way they were photographed, they look very professional and they kind of look antique and vintage and I like that vibe merging with the modern one. I would really like to see this as a publication.

    Stay safe 🙂

  3. Hi, Lisa
    It is creative and fun how you layered the images and the colouring shadow, and I think you are good at selecting and using different colours properly. It got my attention when I was scrolling down the website ! I guess you could make a representative colour for each category to improve the visual communication maybe ?
    Really nice work !

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