Collect week 01 – Kina Yim

Live session notes

During the live session, we went around individually pitching in our initial idea when it came to the topic of collecting 26 objects. On the top of my mind, I wanted to collect 26 objects from my friends, have them send me a photo and then find relations towards it. I stuck with that idea after.

Collecting the Objects

When refining it, I thought it would be nice to collect items that reminded the individuals of happiness. I gave quite a vague idea of what an object could mean to them, therefore getting a wide variety of things.

LATCH Experimentation + Process

I ended up choosing the Location method of organisation, how close each person is from where I lived.

16 Page Publication

Since all 26 friends collectively are currently at different parts of the world, I thought the idea of making the publication in a way where it mapped the world was appropriate. Thus, the background and the categorisation was based more upon the location grouping. When it came to my own city, Hong Kong, I based it upon how close they were from their house to mine.

4 thoughts on “Collect week 01 – Kina Yim”

  1. The concept is so strong and super interesting, as you have given up control of the documentation would be interesting to see if you wrote instructions for how you wanted to photograph the objects and sent them to your friends. I think the results would be interesting. I really like the continuous background image on the publication.

  2. Hello Kina,

    The concept is very creative and the choice of organising the items by location works really well in my opinion. I think that the publication successfully expresses a lot of meaning and has a really captivating title.

    I think it could be interesting to add the country/location of where each object is around the world, to see if there are any potential links between the objects chosen and where the people that sent them live, especially as you asked them to send objects that reminded them of happiness 🙂

  3. Very clear and cohesive theme throughout the whole process. The aesthetics and visual language of the publication really works well with the colourful theme as well. Really like the exploration of distance. I was thinking maybe you could investigate the link between technology and our spirits and how they affect each other. (for instance in this case using your phone is a way to connect with your friends on a spiritual level?)
    Perhaps it would communicate more effectively if you find out more stories of these objects from their owners or ask them to describe an emotion to help link the relationships between these object and find out more details about how they are spiritually connected with one another.

  4. Overall a really interesting concept especially in the current situation. Connecting with your friends and then getting them to send you images of an object they chose works very well. It was brave to relinquish control over the content of the collection. Organising them in relation to distance from you makes sense.

    Unfortunately, the idea of the concept and the organisation methods do not come across in the publication at all. They just seem to be a random collection of objects with no indication of how you collected them or organised them. It is essential that the publication can stand alone and communicate your idea, which is very good! Even if you just add the text you sent your friend like you did in your process work. Personally, I like the objects in colour rather than black and white.

    The second link in the LATCH section does not work by the way.

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