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  1. Hello Jasmine,

    I really like the overall concept of your publication and I believe that the format you chose for it is a great match. Also, I am really interested in how the shadows might change our perception of what the objects actually are.

    I think it could be interesting to experiment with the images by using only the outlines of the objects. Would these still portray the same meaning to the audience and to you if the only thing we could see are their outlines without any other details? I think it’s interesting to think of how the meaning of the objects might potentially change when information is subtracted to them, instead of being added … what do you think? 🙂

  2. Really cool concept of challenging one’s vision and expectations through shadow and shapes.
    I think the method you’ve chosen is clear and the layout is neat. There seem to be a cohesive colour code between the background, text, and images as well.
    In terms of the presentation I think it would be more engaging and effective if the audience saw only the outline of the objects whist being asked to observe and have their own perceptions in mind. Perhaps your explanation could stay the same if you just add some pages or sections before revealing the objects?

  3. Hey Jasmine! Really love this concept, never would have thought about it ahha. Classification method is very clear. The design and layout compliments the theme very well. I think you’ve provided enough information and anonymously to keep it engaging.

    I wonder if you can imitate a security checking machine more through making the colours of the objects similar to how it’s displayed on the screens. I believe when peeping through the airport bag check the items are displayed in transparent oranges, pinks, greens and blues if I remember correctly. In that case, you could remove the explanation on the first page to further emphasise the idea of animosity, but just a suggestion. Great work and keep going !

  4. Overall a strong idea. Your twist on the project and presenting anonymous object is very interesting, I also like how you came up with this concept in relation to your online connections as described in your process.

    The simple layouts in the publication are very effective. I also think the extremely limited use of colour is very strong. As the categories give us more information on the objects, do we need the illustration details added? Obviously some of the objects would look very similar without this detail: most of the objects in the mixed and paper categories! This comes down to personal preference as it does work. You could consider making the objects more abstract and anonymous?

    It would be good to design a cover for your book. Is it worth having a key at the end to reveal to objects?

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