Filipa Faria – Collect

I took pictures of items around my house and organised them in a colour chart the best I could so it flows. I don’t collect many objects so I opted for single items. Decided to start with a clear wine glass and then turn into the colour yellow and finish with a clear bottle with a black tag so the book kinda starts and ends with the same idea and goes around like the colour wheel some how.

10 thoughts on “Filipa Faria – Collect”

  1. Hi Filipa 🙂

    Your method of organisation is really unique and interesting. The category of each item is clear thanks to the colour bar on the side!
    It would be nice to maybe see some writing about a couple of the objects, just so that we can see their relationship to you.

  2. Hi Filipa,

    Very clear classification, color coding works really well. It would be interesting for the publication to see the names or descriptions of the objects. (nice cat)

  3. Hi Filipa,

    I really like the use of the colour bar, as it sets a considered and interesting aesthetic/journey through the book.
    What about matching the colour bar on each spread to the images i.e. only the colours used?

  4. A great start to the project. The photographic approach and colour bar analysis is strong, and has real potential to be further refined and explored. As your group has commented, does it require a textual layer? Does it require more context? The colour analysis brings to mind the various colour systems; RGB, CMYK, HEX — all of which have alphanumeric codes that represent colour. Could that be an avenue to explore. The colour bars look great — could these be presented in isolation? With the word of the object next to them? Lots of opportunities here!

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