Week 1 – Collect – Susanna Aurora Montaner Messori

I selected 26 items that I found around my house during a general clean-up from my first week of self-isolation back in Italy. These items all bring back memories I had almost forgotten about.

In order to portray the objects I chose in a more personal manner to me, I decided to trace the photos I took of these, creating a drawing version of each one of them.

I then used the ‘L’, ‘A’ and ‘C’ from the LATCH categories of information organisation to arrange these items in the publication. I organised the 26 items in the different countries in which I found/received them, then categorised these countries in alphabetical order and also added a small symbol next to each object to depict their chronological order.

WEEK 1 – COLLECT – PUBLICATION: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k7TVWheYRV_XzvRlZm72AX5TYtO7TGS-/view?usp=sharing

The link below shows a few pages from my sketchbook that portray my process to get to the final outcome for this week’s task.

WEEK 1 – SKETCHBOOK PROCESS PAGES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E2GjP8gdvXJUaU2HjLFWKI9V7ArsZy3T/view?usp=sharing

Please use the above links to view my work 🙂

5 thoughts on “Week 1 – Collect – Susanna Aurora Montaner Messori”

  1. I absolutely love the illustrations, they are so fun and work so nicely with the Location categories. I also like the fact you combined two latch techniques using symbols for the dates.
    Maybe you could also explore if the number of items from a country has any relationship with your emotions to that place and maybe thinking why you have certain things from places and not others.
    I really like it! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 That is a very good idea.

      Looking back at the publication I actually realised that most of the objects I chose are from Italy, Spain or the UK, which are all countries I lived in. Will try to see how I could explore this further 🙂

  2. Very lovely illustrations! The colourful and playful aesthetics goes well with the theme. They really warm my heart!
    I like how you introduced each object from the beginning before categorising them into different locations. It gave me a clear sense of what these objects are and allowed me to engage with your personal stories.
    I think it has potential to become a very emotional and personal piece. Perhaps linking those stories to the places you got them from or even adding more categories like people or age could help highlight some very emotional milestones in your life and tell a clearer story of your life.

  3. Hey Susanna!
    The method of classification was very clear it didn’t need any more explaining. Very easy to follow and yeah no improvement needed from there!

    The way you choose to be very detailed within your publication providing information upon the object’s background gives a really nice guide to follow. Your research is very detailed and it really showed the mental process you went through with your classification system, additionally your theme upon collecting the object was very easy to follow again with the L A C methods.

    Overall the publication is very inviting to the viewer. Deciding to draw it really does create a more intimate effect, adding personal flare like you mentioned in your research. I also liked how you choose to do it portrait instead of landscape, gives an easy read especially considering now we can’t hold a physical publication thus having to scroll online. I wonder if there is a need for you to explain your 26 objects upon page 2 of the publication? I do believe it’s communicated very clearly already! Nice work overall, keep going!

  4. Your process PDF is very good and clears shows that you have put in a lot of work this week. On top of the requested work you also constructed lots of different typologies and engaged with the given research. Also very good that you tried organising all your objects using all of the LATCH categories.

    The theme of your objects “ Rediscovery of lost memories” is very good. The illustrations of your photos of the objects chosen are strong and work far better than the original photographs. Your publication works very well using two LATCH categories and they come across very clearly, with a key in the back for the Time. As someone else mentioned, if you can get more a more emotional and personal feeling into the publication it would be even stronger. Possible adding connected memories for each object? This would then connect more to the title?

    Overall very well done.

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